Material Testing

Sr. No Test Test Method
British Standard ASTM Others
1 Tensile Test

BS 4449:2005  &

BS EN ISO 15630-1*
ASTM A 370  
2 Bend Test  
3 Rebend test  
4 Chemical test

Optical Emission Method  *
In house Test Procedure IHTP-02

(Procedure based on ASTM E415 and Specifications as per BS 4449:2005)
  (4a)     Carbon
  (4b)     Sulphur
  (4c)     Phosphorus
  (4d)     Nitrogen
  (4e)     Manganese
  (4f)      Vanadium
  (4g)     Nickel
  (4h)      Copper
  (4i)      Molybdenum
  (4j)     Chromium
  (4k)      Silicon
5 Carbon Equivalent Value
6 Full chemical analysis of steel In house Test Procedure IHTP-02*
7 Zinc Coating on iron   ASTM A 90/A90 M-95a  
8 Bending Yield Moment of Steel Nails   ASTM F1575  
9 Breaking Strength of PC Strand   ASTM 416/A416M-99  
10 Epoxy coating thickness on metals   A 775/A 775M-97  
11 Steel couplers strength BS 8110    
12 Load carrying capacity of steel prop BS 1139-4    
13 Steel testing BS 4360 :43A  (marine grade)    
* Tests Accredited from Dubai Municipality